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The amount of information about trees can be daunting for someone who simply wants to plant and enjoy a tree. Whether in your front yard or in an enormous civil project, you need simple answers, and mistakes can be costly!

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Trees are living things that have a tremendous impact where they are planted. For one thing, they are huge! Large shade trees and pines can easily reach 60 feet tall, and their root systems are just as extensive underground as their leafy canopy is above ground.

You want to choose wisely for something so large – something that will be around for possibly 100 years or more, but you probably are not interested in an education in botany, scientific studies of photosynthesis, or genetic cloning of endangered species. This site will provide plain answers and filter through the mass of knowledge available to give you the essential information you need to know how to make enlightened decisions on when, where, and what to plant to achieve successful and satisfying results in your efforts to green the landscape.

Most designers don't think much about how trees will affect sidewalks or how they might keep you raking and sweeping and pruning several months each year. They are more often interested in complying with minimum tree-planting numbers to meet an ordinance requirement or trying to provide a quick vertical aesthetic effect in the landscape. Some designers might also want to sell you their design, so they will choose a tree that has flower color that shows up nicely on computer visualizations. But is that the best tree for your site? Trees don’t flower all year long. Other designers might want to unload inventory from their tree farm, so they will recommend what needs to be sold. This site is not trying to sell you a design or comply with an ordinance or liquidate plant material, so I can give you objective information about what tree choice is best for your situation.

So, let’s get started!  Let me know your favorite tree, and what makes it your top pick. Read more about trees in the new Advanced Guide to Trees eBook, based on years of experience working with the pros, evaluation thousands of landscape projects using trees.

What is the Best Tree?