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Powder Puffs can Grow on Trees!

Kwanzan Cherry bloomNew foliage on this formal beauty is bronze. It blooms the same time as the Washington D.C. Tidal Basin Yoshino’s, so it is often more quietly appreciated on grand estates and suburban back yards. ‘Kwansan’ is an assumed name. Its true identity is ‘Sekiyama’, but it cannot shake the ‘Kwansan’ label. No matter. This is a tree that grows copious amounts of soft pink, drooping, powder puffs. Forget the cherries. This is all ornamental. It would make the perfect bridal bouquet, albeit short-lived.

Hardiness ranges from 5 to 8, which means you can grow this tree in all but the most northern states. As with all fruit trees, it tends to have plenty of disease and pest issues, but compared to other cherries, it is pretty resilient, maturing into a stiff, rounded shape with time. Keeping the soil pH on the neutral side may help it live longer. It tops out at twenty-five feet tall, twenty-five feet wide, and twenty-five years.

Kwansan Cherry tree

Kwanzan Cherry