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Late Fall and Early Winter are the Best Times to Gift Trees

avondale redbud tree, small flowering trees

Are you struggling with an idea for a holiday gift? How about one that will provide years and years of benefit? Your friends will remember you every spring if you give them the gift of a small, flowering tree. Try to find one that is growing in a seven-gallon or smaller container. You don’t want to give them a hernia along with your present!

You can add planting instructions along with your best wishes. Remind the recipient of the mature size of your gift, and caution them to allow plenty of room for it to grow. You can attach a photograph and simple instructions along with the bow. You might even include a sturdy spade to complete the gift. 

Here are some exceptional little trees that can beautify a residential yard—my favorites. Talk to your nursery person to discover which would do well in your area.

‘Jane’ Magnolia

‘Covey’ Weeping Redbud

‘Acoma’ Crapemyrtle

‘Sango-kaku’ Japanese Maple

‘Low-grow’ Sumac

‘Sargent’ Crabapple

‘Princess Diana’ Serviceberry

‘Carolina’ Silverbell

‘Jalena’ Witch Hazel

‘Colonial Blue’ Chaste Tree

‘Flame’ Maple

‘Avondale’ Redbud

Great Gift Idea—A Small Flowering Tree