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Commemorative Trees

commemorative trees, sumacCommemorative trees are a great way to honor someone special. When you plant a tree to honor someone, spend your funds on the best tree you can find up to 4 inches in diameter, and cherish the memory of the person with the knowledge you have left something behind for others to enjoy. The gesture of the new tree will last, even if the commemorative plaque is tossed away with passing time, which it almost always will be.

When planting a commemorative tree, create and print a highly-visible cardboard sign to use in a dedication ceremony and for media pictures, but don’t waste a lot of money on bronze plaques. The plaques can be quite expensive and detract from the natural setting and the tree, and they are tripping hazards. The tree is the focus, because it will grow as a living testimonial to the life being celebrated.

Tree planting is a wonderful way to say the special person left a lasting impact on the people around them. A tree can be planted to celebrate a birth or a wedding or a new building. Even beloved pets can be remembered by planting a tree. Choose a tree with special meaning to the person you are honoring. Locate a commemorative tree in a place where it will be maintained and undisturbed over time.

I’ll never forget planting a Staghorn Sumac above my pet collie's burial place when he died. Each fall the well-fertilized tree blazed with orange-red foliage, and I thought about the beautiful memories I had growing up with my dog. Think of ways that planting a tree can add meaning to an event, and let me know your experiences. 

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Commemorative Trees